I wanted to share our trade log for August, this is all the trades I posted on our private Twitter. This log is for example only to show you what would happen if all trades were taken and followed. After completing the log, our month ended with a gain of 53%!

The way the log was tracked was by all the triggered trades and then closed all out once they hit the target. Also there are still open positions that will roll over into the next months log. These open positions simply mean they have triggered but not yet hit our target.

Not all trades are winners and the key is to make 1:2 or more on winning trades to cover small losses. When you enter a trade, you have to follow the rules to ensure your gains are bigger than your losses. The end result should be positive.

I understand that taking all the trades is very difficult to do but this is a good example that if you let your winners run that in the end we can make good money. I wrote a post on how many positions to take at any one given time. Click on this link to read more on position management.






  • OPEN = Trade is still working on either hitting our target or hitting our stop.
  • PENDING = Trade has yet to be triggered.