We all know how to enter a position and exit when it hits are stops, but how do we properly manage a winning position by letting it ride as much possible? I will show you a very easy and effective way to catch a good portion of the move for swing traders.

The 9 exponential moving average is my go to guide for trailing a position. When I enter a position on a breakout or pullback I allow the position to start to work and move higher before I implement the 9 EMA as my trailing stop. As long as the stock is above the 9 EMA I allow the position to work. When the 9 gets crossed back below then I either sell all or half the position and move the remainder of my shares at break even or higher.  Here are a few chart examples from trades we took.

Simple, Right? Next time try this out and see how your trades work out for effective swing trading. I like to keep things simple because the more complicated it is the less likely you will follow it as it will be contradicting or confusing.

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